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Code of Ethics

1 - Commitments of the “Programa Encoraja” managers, employees and partners.


1.1. Be consistent with the “Programa Encoraja's” human and solidary line of action.

1.2. To act in favor of socio-educational practices that have as a basic principle fraternal welcome to all human beings, valuing the richness of diversity and respecting different personal histories, thoughts, cultures and identities.

1.3. Adopt fully transparent attitudes regarding technical and administrative procedures.

1.4. Maintain ethics and honesty in the practice of managing financial support and social investments.

1.5. Maintain confidentiality when assisting beneficiaries in situations of risk from different areas.

1.6. Manage all resources entrusted to the team with great appreciation and ethical commitment, faithfully fulfilling what is agreed with the donors, keeping them informed about all direct and indirect socio-educational impacts.


2 - The relationship between the different social actors involved with the “Programa Encoraja” projects.


2.1. Create respectful and fruitful relationships, which generate personal growth for all involved.

2.2. Solidarize with other people's life situations.

2.3. In case of conflicts, mediate and resolve them with serenity and respect.


3 - The relationship of “Programa Encoraja” participants with private companies and their legal representatives.


3.1. Do not, under any circumstances, benefit from illicit agreements.

3.2. Do not accept exchanges of favors, whatever the nature.

3.3. Maintain professional, ethical and fair relationships.


4 - The relationship of the “Programa Encoraja” participants with government agencies and their legal representatives.


4.1. Follow current legislation.

4.2. Do not seek relationships that privilege your own interests. Always make decisions for the common good.

4.3. Act transparently on all established partnerships.

4.4. Document all steps of established partnerships, always making it clear what are the objectives and goals to be achieved.


5 - Provisions related to the “Programa Encoraja” reason for existing.


5.1. Proceed in a cooperative manner, establishing feasible cooperation, governed by ethical principles and for the construction of actions in favor of the community.

5.2. Focus on: equal social, cultural, racial, ethnic, educational rights. Work to promote social justice.

5.3. Propagate the Culture of Peace, maintaining attitudes consistent with the practices of communication and education for Social Peace.

5.4. Ensure daily practices of respect for natural resources, the ecosystem and sustainability. Affirm all of this with personal attitudes.

5.5. Develop activities that have a direct connection with the Inspiring Concept "Eco-Socio-Ethical-Solidarity", which has the following supporters:


  • Eco: Ecology, environment, sustainability.

  • Partner: Diversity, Freedom, Well-Being, Social Equality.

  • Ethics: Governance, Citizenship, Human Rights.

  • Solidary: Solidary and Humanizing Economy.